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make it bedda ! | behind the scenes


Creative Agency / Art Direction: Studio Calle Hackenberg Exec. Producer: Tim Näve / THE VØNIX Director: Calle Hackenberg c/o Double-T Photographers DoP: Konstantin Tanner Gaffer: Lukas Meuser Foodstyling: Torsten Schmidt Fashion- and Propstyling: Stefanie Schmidt Propstyling Assistentin: Christin Großmann Make-Up Artist: Karina Asmus Colorist: Tim Wachnowski / Piqueextw Cutter and Editing: Sebastian Stanek / Pixellusion⁠ Mix & Sound Design: Matthias T. Müller Sprecherin: Nora / die-Stube Casting: Tina Behrens / Double-T Photoraphers Models: Isabella & Antonio / Mattmüller Casting⁠ Handmodel: Alice Krull Making-Of: Tim Näve / THE VØNIX

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